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On the Porch

Très jolie maison troglodyte! Je n'ai jamais aussi bien dormi que dans ce lit douillet et chaleureux. Je viendrai avec mes enfants dans 10 ans.
10 ans

In a book on your shelf Albert Camus has it that "it is the work of men to move things around... either that, or nothing." Happy then, that men carried this hole to your fair mountainside for us to live in! Thank you for your hospitality.
Dean & Tania
South Africa

Dear Barbara,
We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed staying with you both, even if it was only for one night. Maybe we'll be back some day. We hope you enjoy the book. I recall you said you were dying for anything to read in English.
Alan & Jane

Hospitalité et sensibilité humaine remarquables. Une roche qui communique bien des choses!
Merci à Barbara et Bernard. À bientôt!
Christophe et Mélanie

C'est bon, c'est beau. Thanks for making me feel at home and for all your kindness and generosity. À la prochaine!
Stephen Santamaria
San Francisco, California

Mon mari m'a fait le surprise de ce week-end très romantique dans les grottes de Trôo: l'occasion de découvrir la magie de ce site si particulier et d'admirer le travail formidable de Barbara et de Bernard pour faire revivre l'esprit troglodyte d'ici. Merci à vous, c'était inoubliable!
Nathalie et Paul

On our way to Trouville, this is the best 'trou' that we have ever stayed in. Personally, I enjoyed my first experience as a caveman, but I'm not so sure my wife liked being pulled around by her hair too much -- still, that's life!
Tom and Astrid Furnival
Le Lot et Normandie

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